What distinguishes us from our competitors?
We do not save on material. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality. With Steam Wash, a 50 ml bottle can be used for max. 2 layers (enough for 1 vehicle). Competitors on the market use the same bottle for countless layers and vehicles.
More reasons for Steam Wash
Package content per vehicle using Ceramic Pro SILVER as an example
Silicone free polishes
Polishes containing silicone temporarily fill the existing scratches so that the paint looks nice. After a few washes, the scratches reappear. For this reason, you will find only silicone-free polishes with us. We sand away the scratches - not just temporarily fill them.
New microfiber for any vehicle
In this way, we avoid the development of further paint damage, due to remaining dirt particles, from the previous vehicle. Of course, after use, we dispose of the appropriate materials in an environmentally responsible manner.
Osmosis system
Our vehicles go through a hand wash in our in-house car wash. The osmosis plant frees the tap water from almost all pollutants.
Individual polishing techniques
Depending on the type and structure of a vehicle, different polishing machines and pads must be used. We adapt our techniques individually to the vehicle. For example, hard-to-reach areas need to be worked on with a smaller polishing machine.