Rim cleaning

Detailed rim cleaning
Rim cleaning is always a big issue with our customers. Salt, road dirt and brake dust claw at the wheels over time and make them look unsightly. Cleaning is tedious and time-consuming. Nevertheless, for many drivers, the rims are one of the most important parts of the car.
Our steam cleaning removes stubborn dirt and brake dust. Your rims are thoroughly cleaned with suitable tools such as rim brushes and brushes to the detail.

Ceramic coating for your rims

Ceramic sealant can make the care of your rims more pleasant in the long term. Ceramic Pro Wheel is a protective coating based on the formula nano-ceramic. It protects your rims from contamination such as road salt, brake dust and acid. The nano-particles in the sealant fill any open pores on the factory finish, creating a newly dense, super-smooth surface. The water repellent property provides long term cleanliness and easier cleaning.
Manufacturer's warranty is 3 years from application. With proper care, the product lasts a lifetime.
Of course, we advise you on the proper rim cleaning and care.