Engine and underbody cleaning

Details and advantages
The engine is the heart of a car. It needs care just as much as the exterior or interior of a vehicle. Yet it is too often forgotten. The automotive industry is always evolving. Cleaning the engine with a high-pressure cleaner could cause major damage worth several thousand francs, especially on newer vehicle models. For this reason, you should only leave the engine cleaning to a professional.
Likewise, underbody cleaning should also be on the car care list. Often, various damages or oil residues from the last service can be discovered during an underbody cleaning.
Our engine and underbody cleaning is done after removing the appropriate covers. Which is why we also, honestly and transparently advise against an underbody wash in the car wash. In most cases only the cover is cleaned and not the mechanical components.

When do we recommend an engine and underbody cleaning?
After hard and long winter seasons, to remove road salt deposits.
If the engine compartment is heavily soiled or oily
After a marten attack
Before the car sale
Before the MFK (an absolute MUST)