Car polish

The condition of the paint decides - whether a car looks good - or not.
A laborious but worthwhile work is the polishing of the car paint. A car polish means nothing more than removing the top weathered layer of paint, exposing a new layer. Polishing removes light scratches that promote rust formation.
The preparation plays a decisive role in the quality of the polish. The car must be cleaned deep into the pores and freed from flash rust, tar, insect or tree resin residues. For this purpose, steam cleaning and subsequent paint cleaning is best suited.
As soon as the plastic parts and the windows are masked, you can start polishing the car's paint. The car is worked over from component to component in several rounds using the appropriate abrasives and polishes.
A polished car paint is less susceptible to certain harmful environmental influences. It also increases the material value of the vehicle. The paint appears again in its original shine.
The price of polishing your car cannot be answered in a general way. The final cost depends on the vehicle, its condition and your personal wishes. Please contact our experts directly. We will be happy to advise you about the existing possibilities.