Car polish

car polish
During a car polish the paint surfaces are first thoroughly cleaned. Then the paintwork is polished in several steps to remove fine scratches, holograms or similar damage to the paintwork.
Not all of those who offer a paint treatment are also able to polish the vehicle professionally. There are special things to keep in mind when it comes to paint preparation. It is a craft that must be mastered.
Meanwhile, there are also countless polishing materials on the market. Many of these products are designed to give you "great" results with little effort. Unfortunately, the result is really just a "gloss". The real problem here is that the blemishes are rarely completely removed. An extensive series of tests of the polishes on offer has shown that the painted surfaces are not really polished and are more or less "over-pumped" with chemicals, waxes and oils.
When you pick up the car, everything shines like a mirror. But after weeks, often just days, in the summer heat, all the magic fades.
For example, holograms can occur during a paint treatment due to various causes. The range of causes and types of such holograms is relatively long. The background of such paint damage is decisive for the further procedure. The repair therefore depends on the origin.
A professional paint reconditioner will be able to tell you the source of the problem after a thorough paint analysis. We will be happy to advise you on such questions without obligation and free of charge. You can conveniently book your desired appointment for a paint check and consultation under the following link.