Car cleaning inside and outside

All our services include chemical-free disinfection.
Steam cleaning is a cleaning technique in car care that is becoming an ever-growing industry. Stubborn dirt such as mud, bird droppings or dust are gently removed from the paint surface by means of steam shampooing. The maximum water consumption is just under 10 litres per car cleaning.
With 16 bar steam pressure and 90 to 140 degrees Celsius steam heat, we also clean the hard-to-reach areas of your car such as the door hinges, folds or rims.
The steam vacuum cleaner for the interior (seats, carpets, floor) allows you to clean and disinfect your car at the same time. In most cases, stain removal can be carried out without the use of chemicals.
In the final phase, your vehicle is dried by hand down to the smallest niches. A high-end tyre shine rounds off the result.
Why is regular vehicle cleaning important?
An ordinary vehicle interior is about 3sqm2. We spend about 1.5h in our vehicles every day. Sometimes we travel alone, on other days there are five of us. Some have children, others do not. This vehicle that gives you mobility has to go through a lot over time. For example, the toddler or the four-legged friend might have vomited inside the vehicle. Maybe you spilled coffee on the way to work. During longer car journeys, people like to reach for snacks. The seat belts are often neglected and touched with dirty fingers.
Over time, every vehicle takes on something personal from its owner, this can be one's own body odour.
Regular and professional car cleaning should be on every driver's to-do list. This will not only protect your health, but also that of your passengers, small children or four-legged friends.
Where are the vehicles cleaned?
We have an in-house washing area and use distilled water for our steam equipment.