Car cleaning inside and outside

Details and advantages
The end of microfiber scratches from the car wash. The beginning of a scratch-free car wash.
Steam cleaning is a cleaning technique in car care that is evolving into an ever-growing industry. Stubborn dirt such as mud, bird droppings or dust are gently removed from the paint surface by steam shampooing. The max. water consumption is just under 10 liters per car cleaning.
With 16 bars of steam pressure and 90 to 140 degrees Celsius of steam heat, we also clean the hard-to-reach areas of your car, such as the door hinges, folds or rims.
The steam vacuum cleaner for the interior (seats, carpets, floor) allows simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of your car. Stain removal can be done in most cases without the use of chemicals.
In the final stage, your car will be dried by hand to the smallest niches. A high-end tire shine completes the result.
100% Scratch Free
Low water consumption approx. 4-10 liters per vehicle
Hand cleaning & drying
Cleaning of hard-to-reach places (hinges, rims, etc.)
Low use of chemicals (chemical-free cleaning also possible depending on degree of contamination)
Cleaning & disinfection at the same time